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Dec. 14, 2017
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The Original CoolTube Video

Of all the inovations for e-cigerettes, e-juice, vaporizers, atomizers, cartomizers, eliquid, and nicotine replacement products, The CoolTube has got to be the cheapest!
Before we start, can I invite you to use Vapers Alley to sell anything e-cig related, old batteries, atomizers cartomizers, You will be suprised at the amount of people looking for an old battery so they can use the thread to make their mods! And it will cost you ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING! Vapers Alley is FREE, It costs nothing to list, nothing to sell, it's all FREE so it will cost you nothing to try listing a few things e-cig related that you have lying around. If they sell, they sell, if they don't they don't, you won't receive any nasty listing fees because there arn't any. You really have nothing to lose.
Remember, you may not want those odd rubber caps that come on your carts but someone else might want to PAY you for them!
Back to theCoolTube,
I wanted to create a battery mod that would power my e-cig all day without looking like some huge drug pipe or bong.
something that looked cool (well I thought so)
something that I could easily pop on my 510 atomizer or carto and vape away.
Lots of ideas were thrown away such as a straw with a cigarette filter in it covered in tin foil making contact when you sucked,( it worked but started sticking afte a bit of juice got in there so boycotted)
I have come up with the first release of the CoolTube. This release costs me roughly 1.50 to make! That's probably about $2 to $3 !
The following videos will show you how to create one with simple skills (Not even a single soldered joint (good or bad) in this e-cigarette mod.
Everything you need can be purchased easily online or at your local hardware store.
I've created a forum just incase the CoolTube takes off, where you can upload your own wrap designs and ask questions, or even submit your improvements. Though bare in mind that the idea was to keep this e-cig mod within everyones reach.
It would be nice to leave it "solderless"
it would be nice to make sure all parts are easy to get hold of.
The CoolTube is nothing more than a bit of fun, give it a try, I use my CoolTube everyday, at work and when out and about,
Remember when E-cigs first come out, and people would be full of interest and curiosity everytime you pulled your E-cig out, well up to yet, my CoolTube has gained no less than 8 people in the first 2 weeks, say :
"That's cool! where did you get it?"
Hence I decided to call it CoolTube ;)
  • Tried with 510 atomizer and cartomizer and was designed around this but principles are the same for most attys and cartos
  • Tried with 18650 3000mah batteries and fits perfect, I'm not sure of the diameter of other batteries but the length isn't an issue so if you want to stack batteries to make 6 volt then as long as diameter is the same or less then there shouldn't be a problem. try other batteries and post on the forum with your results.
  • pre cut tube may be available on demand if required, save you buying full lengths. post a wanted ad on and I'll perhaps cut some up for a small price (cause it's free to list on Vapers Alley .com :o))
  • Same goes for switches, OHP transparencies and led's if there is a demand then I have loads and would be happy to list them and sell them
    • Breaking down the CoolTube- The Cheapest E-cig mod

          Making A CoolTube From Scratch The cheapest E-cig Mod
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